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Investors, Money Managers and Advisors

Whether you're a finanacial professional or are just saving for retirement and have an advisor that you can talk with you will want to have visited, an MO'C Physics Applied site. Is it OK to put assets into, say, equities such as stocks and exchange-traded funds and just let them sit there? What if a debacle the likes of the dot-com crash of 2000 or the Lehman Brothers/subprime-housing crash of 2008 happens again? Hey, wait a minute! Those were only 8 years apart and the year now is now what? No, letting assets sit and hoping that it will all work out may well not be OK, and the Traded Portfolio is all about dealing with that. Services can be provided under very flexible arrangements. Do check in via this page and make suggestions concerning what you'd like to have made available to you. You will find progress reports concerning exactly what is being undertaken on behalf of the project in this site's own blog.